Double Bass

Means End: The Didact

  • Posted on: 22 January 2014
  • By: sheldonkreger

Recently, I have been focusing on a style of music which was only brought to my attention a few years ago: progressive metal. I started traveling down this path after a friend sent me a link to the Disperse album "Journey Through the Secret Garden." Being a huge jazz fusion junkie, I immediately found myself immersed in the complexity of the syncopated guitar, bass, and drum parts, and fell in love with the variety of guitar tones, combined with often esoteric keyboards.

Nick Pierce and Breath of Nibiru

  • Posted on: 19 January 2014
  • By: sheldonkreger

Nick Pierce is a master of fast, synchronized double bass drum playing. I love the power he projects, and the precision with which he executes the parts. Very few drummers achieve this level of control of the instrument, especially using all four limbs at this tempo. The Paiste Rude's sound amazing, too (as does the Tama kit).

The video below is a detailed explanation of his tracking techniques for Breath of Nibiru.

Ryan Bloom on Bass Pedal Counterweights

  • Posted on: 20 November 2013
  • By: sheldonkreger

I recently switched to Mapex Falcon hardware, and the double bass pedal came with weights to place inside the beater. These double bass counterweights come in 10 gram and 20 gram variations. I decided to ask Ryan Bloom what he thought about them. After reading his book Double Bass Drumming Explained, I knew he would be the right guy to ask.

Here's his response.