Songs of Fascination 4: "Resolution" by Conrad Schrenk and Thomas Lang

  • Posted on: 24 January 2016
  • By: sheldonkreger

Songs of Fascination Series

This series is an exploration of songs which at once caught my attention, and never let go. These are the songs I listen to on repeat; that I tear apart phrase by phrase; that I memorize line by line. If you are curious about my taste in music, this is the series you are looking for.

The Song

The album "Yumaflex" is a collaboration between Thomas Lang and Conrad Schrenk. It's a pure vanity album - all too rare for musicians of this caliber - and they have plenty of room to stretch their talents. Each one of them is a mutli-instrumentalist and contributed to all aspects of production, from composing music to playing the songs.

"Resolution" is my favorite track on this album. There are two great videos of Lang performing it.

What I love about this song is the use of multiple time signatures (4/4/ and 7/8). I'm also a huge fan of soft synth lead tones, like the one used here (although it may have been played on a guitar). Lang's solo over the vamp in 7/4 is truly a sight to see.

The best way to encourage artists to pursue creative projects like this is to buy their albums. Pick up a copy of "Yumaflex" on Amazon.

Thomas Lang
Conrad Schrenk