Songs of Fascination 2: "Time Flies" by Porcupine Tree

  • Posted on: 28 December 2015
  • By: sheldonkreger

Songs of Fascination Series

This series is an exploration of songs which at once caught my attention, and never let go. These are the songs I listen to on repeat; that I tear apart phrase by phrase; that I memorize line by line. If you are curious about my taste in music, this is the series you are looking for.

The Song

This is one of the most 'musical' - in the typical sense - songs that will probably ever make it into my favorites collection. The whole thing is pretty straightforward - the time signature is 6/8; the tempo is quick but not unreasonable; and the solos aren't exactly face melting. A peculiar choice, given my love for Gavin Harrison's complex rhythmic applications and solo work featuring often odd time signatures.

I think it's really the chord progression that makes this song such a treat for me. Everything harmonizes very well and the resolution is very satisfying. Of course the production is outstanding, and the way the instruments are layered is very tasteful.

The entire album captures this essence throughout. It plays well from beginning to end, exploring and building upon a consistent musical feel, with plenty of space for the individual expression of each artist.

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Gavin Harrison