Rimshot-Locs Review

  • Posted on: 18 July 2015
  • By: sheldonkreger

Because I play a wide variety of musical styles, I need to have different tools for different jobs. When I play jazz, I need thin, washy cymbals that perform well at low volumes. My drums are smaller, and I use coated drum heads. However, when I play progressive rock, I use somewhat heavier cymbals, bigger sticks, double ply drum heads, and a larger drum set.

The small details of your setup all add up to make a big difference in the quality of your sound. Whether you are recording, on the road, or really focussing in your practice room, it's always great to have the gear you know is best for the situation. Minimizing all the small distractions while you play will bring you a better performance or more productive practice sessions.

This is why I like the Rimshot-Locs. These small devices hold the tension rods of your drums securely in place while you play. This means that your rim will never pop out of place during a hit and allow your tension rod to unscrew. Assuming there are no radical changes in temperature or humidity, your drums will stay in tune regardless of how hard you hit. These are especially nice for the snare drum. Tune your drums, lock them down, and forget about tuning between sets. Just play the drums and focus on the job at hand.

You can pick up various sizes of Rimshot-Locs on Amazon. Rimshot-Locs Standard 12/24 Thread 10-Pack 1/8 in. Shoulder