Reunion Blues Continental Cymbal Case

  • Posted on: 14 June 2015
  • By: sheldonkreger

I've avoided product reviews on this site for quite some time, but I'm so impressed with my new Reunion Blues Continental Cymbal Case that I've decided to start writing them.

Cymbal bags have always been a disposable product for me. It's either pick up used, cheap bags, or throw down $400 for a nice leather bag. I don't use hard cymbal cases because I've heard bad experiences with breaking cymbal bells. This means that my collection, for many years, was stored in various cheap cases. They were only partially padded; some had multiple sleeves; some had carrying straps. But, none of them really satisfied me.

Once I picked up my Paiste Signature collection, I knew that I needed the best protection for my delicate and expensive gear. There was no way these were going into an unpadded bag or a hard case. So, the search began.

It took many months, but I finally found the Reunion Blues Continental Cymbal case. This case is by far the best cymbal case I have ever seen. I believe it is superior to leather cases and hard cases alike. None of the other soft cases I've seen come anywhere close.

First of all, the outer shell is made of the most durable material I've ever seen. It's like the skin of an alligator. Furthermore, the outer material is reinforced with some kind of stiff protective material. This means that although this is a 'soft' case, it is actually very rigid and could withstand a serious drop - even on the cymbal's edge. We all know that this accident is usually tragic, but I am very confident that this bag will protect my Paiste collection even if I drop it on its edge.

The top handle is attached securely with a metal bracket that will not come undone. Unlike other bags, which have handles sewn in place, this thing is not going to come apart. The handle itself is grippy, padded, thick, and pleasant to hold - unlike cheaper bags, which are often thin and dig into your fingers under weight.

Another important detail is the hi-hat pocket. This pocket is fully padded and contains a removable set of sleeves so you can carry two pair of high hat cymbals with ease. There is a small storage pocket on the front of the hi-hat pocket, where you could put drum keys and whatnot.

The primary pocket is pure money. It contains a luxurious, blue velvety material on the inside and outside edges. The cymbal sleeves are heavily padded, so that you never have to worry about your cymbals rubbing against each other as you slide them in and out of the bag. There are enough sleeves to hold six cymbals, each in their own layer of padding. Another great feature is that the zipper goes almost all the way around the cymbal bag. So, you can open it widely to make things easier.

My particular model supports up to a 22 inch cymbal, which fits snugly. Mine is also all-black on the outside; they also make a black + blue variation. The zippers are heavy duty and appear to be water proof. I am not worried about them breaking.

Finally, this cymbal case also includes backpack straps. They are stored in a special zipper pocket on the back of the bag. You may zip it up and tuck them away when not in use.

It is very rare today to see a product being manufactured with such a high standard of quality. Honestly, I'm pretty shocked and I wish more companies would make products with such attention to detail.

You may purchase this cymbal bag directly from Reunion Blues on Amazon: Reunion Blues Midnight Series Continental Cymbal Case