Ray Luzier's Double Bass Drum Techniques: Private Lessons with Video Access Included

  • Posted on: 13 November 2014
  • By: sheldonkreger

If you're a double bass drummer who is excited by the playing of Ray Luzier, then his new book Double Bass Drum Techniques is the book for you. Released by Hal Leonard and Musicians Institute, this book includes video access to the material online.

While Double Bass Drum Techniques includes a few standard technique exercises – such as foot speed drills and basic hand/foot speed drills – the real feature here is an in-depth look at Luzier's playing. There is an entire chapter dedicated to drum fills, and it's clear that Luzier is really sharing some of his secret sauce.

That's not to discount the coordination and technique section of this book. This content is both unique and progressive – covering very advanced patterns, such as quintuplets played between the hands and feet, or five groups of three shoved inside a quarter note. Can you handle the challenge?

Another highlight is the section on double bass drum fills. In other books which discuss drum fills, I've always seen the patterns explained as one or two bar phrases – perhaps a bar of groove and then a bar of fill. The fills in this book are always transcribed in a much larger context – usually 8 bars, or more. This means you can get a much deeper level of expression than looking at a short, isolated phrase. It's great!

Furthermore, the book is littered with complete transcriptions of Ray Luzier drum solos. This means that you can practice each solo note-for-note, and go back watch the performance on video. The complexity of the notation is impressive – matched only by the playing of Luzier on the video.

One thing to note about this book is that it is more appropriate for intermediate and especially advanced drummers. There is some very heavy lifting going on, and many people will find the notation dense enough to cause a migraine. In fact, I'm sure everybody will be thankful if they purchase the video along with the book. However, for those with focus and tenacity, there are few books which allow such an in-depth look at the phrasing of a great drummer like Ray Luzier.

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