Interview with David Phillips, Author of "A Drummer's Perspective"

  • Posted on: 6 October 2013
  • By: sheldonkreger

With many years of experience in the drum industry, David Phillips has established a fantastic network of musicians. Having worked in artist relations with a few different manufacturers, and also working freelance, his experience seems to be pretty unique. I'm not sure there are many people who have had the opportunity to put a book like this together. You can learn more about the book at

The book is a coffee table photo collection of amazing images of drummers onstage. It's really inspiring to see the beautiful drum sets and large audiences all over the world.

I decided to interview David, curious about how the book came together.

Sheldon: What inspired the idea for this book?

The Importance of Musical Connection

  • Posted on: 20 September 2013
  • By: sheldonkreger

I have been recently listening to Lalle Larsson's "Weaveworld" project, which is a three-album series organized by this amazing Swedish composer and pianist. There are many things which stand out to me about this series, but it all comes down to one theme - connection to music.

A project of this scope is inspiring not only because of the beauty of the music, but the dedication Larsson had to putting the whole thing together. He mentions in an interview that he started composing many of the songs as far back as his teenage years. It was only in his adult life that he had the resources to put the project together, and he knew the people who would really play the parts in the way he desired.

Recording Drums

  • Posted on: 19 July 2013
  • By: sheldonkreger

If there is any definitive reference manual for capturing the sound of a drum set, it is Recording Drums - The Complete Guide by Mike Major. In a world with an abundance of beginner level material, it's exciting to see a book which covers the challenge of drum set recording in such great detail. I've never seen any book which even comes close to comparing to this 382 page book.

Mike Major

Claus Hessler: Drumming Kairos

  • Posted on: 13 July 2013
  • By: sheldonkreger

Claus Hessler is releasing his first DVD "Drumming Kairos". This has been a long time coming and I'm very excited to see what he brings into my practice routine this time around.

There is no denying it. Claus Hessler's methods work very well. it's clear to see his improvement over the last few years as new footage is released. Even 10 years ago, his playing was absolutely mind boggling - a truly elite drummer. Using his advanced practice methodologies presented in his recent books "Open Handed Playing Volume II" and "The Daily Drum Set Workout", Hessler has pushed his playing to a new level. Here is the proof:

Experimenting with ZEM Shoes

  • Posted on: 2 July 2013
  • By: sheldonkreger

Many drummers like the feel of playing bass pedals with bare feet. Other drummers prefer to wear their favorite pair of drumming shoes while they play. Some people really don't care either way.

Experimentation is Good

Regardless of what we think is comfortable, it's always fun to 'step out' of the comfort zone and try something new (pun intended). Only by experimenting can we really find the things that work best at a certain point in time.

Personally, I've found that certain kinds of shoes work better than others. I've always been able to adapt no matter what kind of shoes I was wearing. But, I won't deny that I have pretty strong preferences toward certain kinds of shoes. I like to have a certain balance with the pedal, being able to sustain momentum between strokes, and also being able to feel the response naturally.

An Interview with Ian Barnett

  • Posted on: 25 April 2013
  • By: sheldonkreger

One of the great things about working online is that I get to "meet" all kinds of great people who I'd normally never connect with. A few months back, Ian Barnett contacted me and showed me some of his playing. I'm pretty excited about his project and I thought I'd ask him a few questions about the drums.

Be sure to check out his band Bear Language on Soundcloud.

1. How long have you been playing drums? Do you have a background in music?

Best of Drumming: 2012

  • Posted on: 5 January 2013
  • By: sheldonkreger

2012 was a fantastic year for music. Many, many musicians created some of their best work to date. I've had my eye on several of my favorite musicians and know that the work they released in 2012 will proudly stand out as masterpieces as time passes. Here at Pro Drum Blog, I'm going to share my favorite moments in drum history of 2012. There were some incredible touring groups, as well as album releases which continue to inspire me to practice. Be sure to comment and let me know what I missed - too much music, not enough time!!!

Top Albums of 2012 - For Drummers

As drummers, we have developed ears which look for very particular things - the sound of the drums and cymbals, the complexity of grooves, the authenticity of different feels, etc. Here's my list for top albums in 2012, in no particular order.

Herbert Pirker's Light Handed Vamp with Alex Machacek and Raphael Preuschl

  • Posted on: 2 December 2012
  • By: sheldonkreger

Herbert Pirker plays drums lightly to acheive an airy, but dark feel on the drum set. His playing matches the mood of the music. When given the chance at 4:45 in the video below, Pirker plays freely over a vamp set up by the other members of this progressive jazz trio. It's amazing how well the sounds of the instruments blend. In particular, the selection of cymbals really defines the feel of the grooves. They also allow Pirker to utilize non-traditional phrases in the music and during the vamp.