Meet Tyler Randall, Co-Founder of The Truth Untold

  • Posted on: 19 January 2018
  • By: sheldonkreger

Today's music scene is filled with an abundance of talent, and countless bands that we wish everybody could hear. The Truth Untold stands out from the crowd, leading as one of Canada's premier alternative bands. Thanks to a recent collaboration with Singer/Guitarist Rose Cora Perry, the band is making quite the name for themselves. Highlights include the Southwestern Ontario festival circuit (performing in front of about 25,00 people) and opening for the 90's legend Smash Mouth.

With the band's recent success, Randall has built some solid relationships in the community and recently signed with Mapex Canada. We took some time to ask him a few questions about the project, upcoming gigs, and his approach to music.

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1. Tell us a bit about your latest project with Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold. How did you meet? Are you going on tour?

Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold is an alternative rock band based out of London/Toronto, Canada. Rose’s vocals have been compared to singers like Pat Benatar and Alanis Morissette, while her guitar style is reminiscent of Joan Jett’s. Influenced by 90s songwriting, the music is dynamic, melodious and it’s a lot of fun to play. I joined the project in early 2016 by responding to a Facebook ad on a local musicians wanted page. After the first tryout, we found that we really coalesced musically. An added bonus was that we are both straight-edge and vegan, so we knew tour meal planning wouldn’t be an issue.

As with the past two summers, we’re gearing up to hit the festival season and we’re excited to be starting the year off right by playing the famous Whisky a Go Go next week (Jan 23) as well as attending Winter NAMM in Anaheim.

2. Tell us about the setup for your show at the Whisky a Go Go in association with Winter NAMM. Are you bringing any of your own gear?

Last year I decided to challenge myself by learning open-handed drumming, so my typical set up involves a kick, snare, floor tom, rack tom (mounted to my left crash stand), two hi hats (one is mounted to my bass drum), two crashes, a ride, a splash and a china cymbal. So basically it's a symmetrical set up. You can check out Travis Orbin as that's where I got the idea from. Although in the future I might add a rack tom between my two hi hats. Fortunately (as we’re flying), I don't have to bring any of my own gear as The Whisky, being an extremely reputable venue, provides most everything for musicians playing there. The only things we need to bring as a band are Rose’s guitar and Amber’s bass.

3. What inspired you to begin drumming? Any instructors or other drummers who had an early influence?

I actually began my musical journey as a guitarist. As a child, when I requested a drum kit from my parents, I was given instead an acoustic guitar…likely because they didn’t know if it was just a fleeting hobby, but also because they probably didn’t want to deal with the noise. While I enjoyed playing guitar (and still do), I also mastered the “air drums” until I saved up enough money to purchase my own kit. I can’t really say what drew me to drumming, in particular. I think I just like the way playing rhythms feels.

In terms of my early influences, even before I acquired my first set, I practiced Finger Eleven and Five Iron Frenzy songs via “air drumming” a lot, among other rock/ska/punk bands of the era. When I actually came to own my first kit, I liked watching videos of Carter Beauford and Buddy Rich. Buddy Rich's speed awestruck me and Carter's style was really catchy. I also admired the fact that Carter played open-handed. As mentioned, I just switched to this style this past year…finally!

4. Tell us about your overall sound. What brings you to the Mapex Canada family?

I consider myself a hard-hitting and dynamic drummer. I try to bring out and emphasize different elements in songs, while keeping the songs moving forward. Unless the song calls for it, I don't like to do the typical "rock" beat or just "keep the time". As for being adopted into the Mapex Canada family, I've been a longtime admirer of the Mapex brand and the proud owner of a Mapex Saturn kit for several years now. It just seemed like the right fit: why not support/be aligned with a company you love?

5. Any big goals for 2018?

We hope to keep playing lots of shows: bigger stages with bigger bands. We're also in the midst of currently recording a short EP as a band. As Rose’s most recent album, “Onto the Floor” was done as a solo album before we met, this will mark the first time we’ve worked in the studio together. We’re looking to start writing for a new full length album probably later in the year as well. As for personal goals: I would like to continue to improve on my technique and speed, as well as get more into polyrhythms and odd timings.

I would also like to be picked up as an endorsed artist by Sabian, Remo and Vic Firth (fingers crossed) as I am a lover and user of those brands as well.




Tyler Randall