Cajon Method by Paul Jennings

  • Posted on: 14 June 2015
  • By: sheldonkreger

Originating from the coast of Peru in the early 1800's, the cajon has become a key percussive instrument in many styles of music. Drummers today know that playing the drum set isn't their only job - they also need to have mastery of instruments like the cajon. Its part of being a well-rounded musician.

The new book "Cajon Method" by Paul Jennings is an excellent choice for drummers interested in learning the cajon. The book is split into three sections:

1. The Basics
2. Grooves
3. Advanced Techniques

Each section has several chapters which cover technique, timing, dynamics, and grooves for many styles of music. The advanced section has some interesting topics like changing the pitch of your cajon, foot sliding, and integrating the cajon with cymbal playing.

The book is full of exercises and transcriptions. Furthermore, purchasing the book gives you access to video performances from Paul Jennings on the Hal Leonard website. So, you can watch, read, listen, and practice all from one purchase.

Novices and experts alike will find plenty of valuable material to bring their cajon skills to the next level. Instructors who teach the cajon will find this book useful as a complete study guide for their students.

You may purchase the book from Amazon: Hal Leonard Cajon Method

Or you may purchase it from Hal Leonard directly:

Paul Jennings
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